Wednesday, June 5, 2013

can't download pictures on samsung galaxy s2

can't download pictures on samsung galaxy s2

How do I transfer photos from my Samsung Galaxy S2 PHONE memory into my MicroSD Card?
So, the question is pretty self-explanatory. But I'm going to add some more detail.

I have a LOT of pictures, over 1,000 in total, just chilling on my phone memory. But, as it turns out, my phone is jacked up and I need to replace it. So, in order to keep from losing all of my precious pictures I want to move them all over onto a MicroSD Card that I just bought.

I have the same phone, and they should be on your memory card. That is if you set the device default storage to device in stead of sd card. And your right you don't need an app to move pictures. Once you take a picture its saves to the sd card. But you can move pictures from my files, create a file in the sd card And the move them. Oh my files icon on the app screen. Once there look for the sd card folder. The tap that. It should show you all that's on the card. Then tap the menu and create a sub file within the sd card. When done there look for the pictures on the device. Then move them to the new folder drag and drop the files.

I have gotten pictures sent to me and it says download when i press download it says downloading the stops goes back to download

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