Thursday, May 23, 2013

samsung galaxy note wont play mp3

samsung galaxy note wont play mp3

I have just got a samsung note and was wondering if anyone has the ... phone wont play either but they will play if i transfer them to my pc?

MP3 not compatible with samsung note?

 We know that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the most popular ... Samsung muse is a wonderful MP3 player which can interface directly with your Samsung Galaxy ...
 "Galaxy Note 2 SD card nonsense files/wont play music from sd card? ... this time, put phone in USB mass storage mode, Copy paste mp3 file to a "Music" folder in SD card. ... Samsung s3,wont let me send video via txt?

 I had the problem on my Samsung Galaxy note (GT-7000) running ice cream sandwich where the music player work fine (with MP3 files)

Music player won't play my music
Before updating to the official ics, I uploaded my music to Dropbox. Yesterday, I downloaded it back onto the phone. Today, I tried to listen to music but music player said "does not support this type of file". 

I tried a couple of other players from play store with the same problem.

I then looked at the details of the files which all end with .mp3, however, it says file type mpeg. 

It might be a long winded way of fixing but unless you know of any file conversion software the only thing I can think of is to copy them all to your PC, delete from phone, then use Kies to put them back onto the phone. Kies will convert the files to a format that the phone will handle.Music Player The Music Player allows you to play music files stored on the device or optional ... Music Player supports the following music file types: 3GP, AAC, AA.

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  1. Yes The Kies solution works...thanks whoever you are