Wednesday, May 29, 2013

samsung galaxy s2 photos not downloading

samsung galaxy s2 photos not downloading

Plug your phone usb into your computer and drag down to expand that top bar thing. It has to ask you if you want to `mount` your phone to the computer. Choose 'Mount' then when you go to your computer, it should look like an external usb device and you can try going to computer/Removable disk/DCIM/Camera to see your photos.

not long having my galaxy s2, whenever some one sends me a picture ... arrive, the thread balloon just continues to state 'downloading' there ... photos & messages disappearing!!
Download Samsung Kies. from Samsung Official Website. Support .... Plus it won't allow me to highlight any of the pictures, so I am not connected to Kies! When I .... Got caught without my camera and so used my Galaxy S2.

I'm not sure if this is to do with the network or the phone itself. When my phone receives a picture message, it just says 'downloading' continuou. ... Samsung Galaxy S2 - Picture Messaging. Options ... This means I have to wait until I receive a message from Virgin saying I am able to view the photo online for 14 days etc.

Have an s2 with telstra. Sometimes when people send me pictures it just gives the option to click download. But when I click it, it fails.

 I just noticed yesterday that after saving images to my phone from my ... my browser they usually show up in my downloads folders in my files. ... Samsung Galaxy S2 power lock button not showing Network Data on/off

How do I download photos from s2 to pc via data cable? don't want to use wi-fi in case not secure

I have been trying to download some photos from my s2 to my pc but would like to use the data cable if possible as i just don't trust wi-fi

WIndows does a CDC serial search but cannot find any drivers or whatever they call it to load so I can do it

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